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Why Us?

Why Choose A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Over Do-It-Yourself?

While the common belief is that anything you do yourself you will save money, with carpet cleaning that is not always the case. Often times the do it yourself carpet cleaning machines you can get from the grocery store or home improvement stores does not get your carpet as clean as a professional service can. With the cost of the machine, chemicals and time spent lugging the machine back and forth to the store, it can be a headache. Add on top all the work you have to do yourself setting the machine up, moving the furniture, disposing of the dirty water you could be relaxing while letting Willard's Cleaning Service handle all of the "dirty work."

Willard's Cleaning Service will come into your home or business and not leave until your floors and carpets are clean and you are satisfied. Whether you have pet odors, stains from kids or normal traffic throughout your home, Willard's Cleaning Service is the trusted, local company to go to for the best clean at the best price.

Myrtle Beach's Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service

Certified & Qualified!

At Willard's Cleaning Service we specialize in residential and commercial carpet cleaning services, but we have a long list of Qualifications too! Call us to day to schedule your appointment!

When you're looking for a Little River or North Myrtle Beach, SC carpet cleaning professional with a reputation for quality work and punctual staff, consider Willard's Cleaning Service for all of your carpet related needs. As a locally owned and operated company, we hire only high-quality employees to keep our level of workmanship as high as possible. We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional service and will make sure you're completely satisfied.