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Fire and Water Restoration

We will handle your fire and water restoration regardless if you have insurance or not!

Fire and water restoration can happen because of a number of things, but not matter the cause you will need a trusted professional who can come in and get to work getting your life back on track. Willard's Cleaning Services can handle any disaster that may come your way. Whether its your home or your business, Willard's Cleaning Service will be on site the moment you call and we will ensure that every part of the restoration is done professionally and thoroughly.

Water damage restoration is more than just removing the water. In most cases the water will have time to penetrate through walls and in the padding of carpet, and if left untouched will allow mold and mildew to form causing major health problems for anyone exposed to it. Willard's Carpet Cleaning Service will go further in ensuring that when we leave your home or business after water damage that it is not only clean, but safe. If the damage is extensive, we have a team of trained carpet installers and construction experts that can repair any amount of damage.

When it comes to fire damage, safety is the number one concern right after the fire is been extinguished. Willard's Cleaning Service will secure your property and get our experts on site to determine the amount of structure damage if any and the steps to repair the damage.

Once everything is safe, we will go in and repair the structural damage to the home and begin our deep clean process to remove the odor and soot that is involved with a fire. Carpets and flooring will be installed and walls put back together. Our expert contractors will quickly get your home or business back to the way it was before and for the most reasonable price on the Grand Strand. Call us 24/7 or all of your emergency needs at 843-333-1848.